Revive by S C Harrison

Title- Revive.

Author- SC Harrison.

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Genre- Fiction, Romance and Adventure.

Star rating- 5 Stars.

Summary- Ever had your life turned upside down? Well Cat has had it done twice, I love how strong she is and how she handles everything that is thrown her way.

Main review- I love all the action in the book and how strong Cat is. I love the way each relationship is built throughout the book and how different each character is and how quickly you love each one for their differences. My favourite character in this story has to be the plant - I know it's weird but the reactions it has to Cat are funny and cute.  My favourite part of the book has to be Cat's reactions to the memories of her childhood she gets when Card touches her. I love how amazing this book is and I can not wait for Sustain. Please people pick up a copy of SC Harrison Revive and it soon!

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Q&A with SC Harrison:
  1. What was it about the book that made you want to write it?
    The idea actually came to me while I was killing some time before work several years ago, watching Midsummers night's dream on TV. The scene where Oberon and Puck lay flower petals on Titania's eyes so that when she wakes up she'll fall in love with the first thing she sees got mu mind wondering and then the idea just smacked me in the back of the head. I knew I was going to write a story. I had to.
    Of course that first idea was nothing even close to what Revive ended up being and I'm glad. That idea was REALLY stupid. 
  2. What is your favourite part of the book?
    My favourite part of Revive... I can answer this two ways. In general my favourite part is the friendship forged between the characters. One of my goals was to show these relationships established and grown from the first moment. Cat starts the book with nothing and yet ends with so much and I feel like since the reader is there from the entire life of the friendship he or she will hopefully feel like a part of it. I want these characters to feel like real people you know and love and hopefully want to keep spending time with.
    My favourite scene in the book would probably be the prologue, and the accompanying dream/memory later in the book. Understanding Cat's struggle and how she came to lose herself so completely really tied the story together for me. It also established Haldis personality in a way he'd never show Cat outright, or wouldn't be allowed to.
  3. Is there any aspect you would change about it?There’s a lot of eating going on. I would probably pare down the food a little bit.
  4. Who is your favourite character?Uncle Hal. You’ll see why in the later books.
I really hope you enjoy reading Revive and I look forward to reading your review! If there’s anything else you’d like to ask me, I’ll be happy to answer. Thanks again, Erin!


I was wondering if there are any spoilers you could give me about the next book?
Let's see... In Sustain we'll answer some major questions about Card: where he came from, how he can do the things he does, and why he;s been hiding it from Cat this entire time. Needless to say, Card has some intriguing secrets that only get better as the series progresses, and not all of them Cat can handle...

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