Howl by Jayme and Jody Morse

I love the Howl by Jayme and Jody Morse. I love the story line, In my opinion this book has a hint of romance, adventure and mystery. 

Samara McKinley's life changes the night of her first date with Luke Davenport (The guy she has been crushing on). He takes her stargazing and once there Samara is bitten by a wolf, just not a regular wolf she's bitten by a werewolf. Not only has she got to deal with the fact she is now a wolf she finds out that is was always her fate to become a werewolf, but her fate was changed when she was bitten my the Ima pack's Alpha. Not only does she learn that her paths were changed she learns a shocking truth about her family and friends. In the middle of deciding what pack she wants to join the Ima pack or the Vyka pack she would have joined is the Ima pack Alpha. Not only does she have to deal with the fact she is a werewolf, she finds out from the Alpha of the Vyka pack that she was meant to be a Vyka, because her grandfather Joe was the Alpha of the Vyka pack years ago. Whilst dealing with the thoughts of her parents lying to her and keeping her in the dark about her family history, she then learns the identity of the rest of the packs members.

Whilst trying to decides which pack she wants to belong to the Ima or the Vyka pack, she has to decided who she belongs to and which pack she would be more comfortable in. Whilst deciding everyone tries to get her to join their pack and while she is still deciding the Jason tells her if she chooses to be an Ima she will be the Vyka's first target, because she is too powerful to be left alive.

My favorite character has to be Colby, I love his awkwardness and geekness and how comfortable he is with himself. 

My favorite part of the book is the first proper conversation between Luke and Samara through mind speak and I also love how quickly Samara and Luke's relationship grows and how they have the natural relationships up and downs. When she meets both packs, I love her expressions and her thoughts. The part of the book I dislike the most is how the relationship between Seth and Samara ends up because she has chosen the Ima pack.

From Jayme and Jody's website- Colby was originally supposed to die at the end of Howl, but we ended up loving his character so much that we chose, at the last minute, to eliminate someone else instead!


I hope that Howl 2 Blood Moon by Jayme and Jody Morse was in your shopping basket, it was in mane. Yet again the duo have written a nail biting story and this is definitely that.

After the death of Lilly and with Samara feeling guilty over the death of the young teen. Things in the teens life is complicated, with her relationship with Luke blossoming and becoming stronger, she has the initiation into the Ima pack (which takes a surprising turn) and also is a person of interest with the police of the death of Lilly Phillips.

After meeting the Ima adult pack, she gets a friendly vibe from them all but one, the Alpha Mr Jackson who happens to be sweet Colby's father. Along with everything else she has going on in her life she has been told by the adult Ima pack that she has to kill Jason, the Vyka pack Alpha. Who just happens to be using black magic.

During planning to kill Jason, the pack is also trying to find a way to get Jason's twin brother and Kyle's best friend Josh to become an Ima.. Easy you think? Think again... Things go from bad to worse (When don't they?) during Homecoming when everything is meant to go down.

New werewolves are made... Some die... Relationships are tested... What will the outcome be? They only way to find out is to pick up your very own copy of Wolfsbane.

Yet again, hat's off to Jayme and Jody Morse for another amazing story from their 'Howl' series, they definitely know how to keep your attention on their story and how to keep you at the edge of your seats.. Roll on Howl 3 is all I can say.


Jayme and Jody Morse know how to leave a cliff hanger, I for one couldn't wait for Wolfsbane.

After things went from bad to worse in Blood Moon, it get's even worse for Samara and the Ima pack in Wolfsbane. 

I like how in Wolfsbane questions are answered. At the end of Blood Moon, Samara was knocked over whilst in wolf form and turns back into her human form and is shocked when she see's how was the one to knock her over... Her father. 

In my opinion it Mr and Mrs McKinley had to find out about her and Seth her brother. I like how Mr McKinley tells Samara to say goodbye to her friends and to meet him at home. She is scared to face up to everything, Luke takes her home and offers to stay with her and she turns him down, because it is something she needs to face herself. I was shocked to find out what her father already knows. Once she has spoken with her father she remembers about Emma and tells her everything. 

I like how Mr McKinley gives Samara a book left by her Grampa Joe, which leads them to Alaska and she finds several things left there for her by her Grampa Joe. Things get difficult when the Vyka pack go searching for them in Alaska.. There are questions to be answered like how did the Vyka pack know where they were? Who has betrayed them?

Once home and back at the Jackson home new shocking truths are discovered. Can the pack stop Jason and his black magic before it's too late? How will Samara face up to her new found responsibilities? 

I love how even though they are meant to be enemy's Declan still doesn't want anything bad to happen to Samara. I love the journey that the Ima pack go through, they meet new friends and make new enemy  I also love the story between each of the Ima pack and the new members of the pack.. 

My favourite part of the story is the relationship between Emma and Colby.. I can't wait to see what happens there. Also I can not wait too see what happens between the Vyka and the Ima packs and who will come out on top.

Pick up your very own copy for Wolfsbane and look forward to Black Magic at the end of October 2012.


Here are some questions I asked Jayme and Jody and their replies.
  1. What was it about the book that made you want to write it?We've both always loved werewolves, and at the time, we came up with Samara's character first. she seemed tough enough to fit into a werewolf world.
  2. What is your favourite part of the book?Jayme- I love the friendship that Emma and Colby have with one another and the funny situations that come along with it.
    Jody- It's hard to choose just one part; I love the romance that Luke and Samara have, as well as the friendship that Samara has with Declan. I loved when we wrote the Alaska scenes, and some of the scenes in the upcoming books are definitely my favourites! :)
  3. Is there any aspect you would change about it?If we could go back and rewrite the whole series, we would want to change it to first person. It's easier for the reader to connect with what the character is thinking and feeling that way.
  4. Who is your favourite character?Jody- I love Colby, mostly because how humorous he can be at times. Emma is my other favourite character. She's such an interesting character to write because she seems so single-layered in the outside, but we're going to start peeling back those layers in the upcoming books, and everyone will start to see that there's more to her than what meets the eye.
    Jayme- Colby. He's so fun to write because he's so different from all of our characters. I don't think the series would be the same without him.
  5. If you were to do a spin off series from a different characters point of view, whose view would you choose?We've toyed with the idea of doing a re-telling of the story through Declan's eyes to help the readers understand what will motivate his future actions. It would also be interesting to do something with Emma and Colby.

Oh, my god! I thought Howl, Blood Moon and Wolfsbane were good but Black Magic was the best so far. 

In this story loyalty, love, friendship and relationships are tested!

With the news about Darren Jackson still fresh in everyone's mind, they have to decide what is the next step for the Ima pack and Linda Jackson. With not wanting to live in the house of lies, Linda, Colby and the rest of the pack that lives in the Jackson house moves into the house Grampa Joe left for Samara, along with Steve and Emma who were living with their parents at the time.

With tension high, they Ima youth pack decides to let the adult pack in on everything Darren Jackson has done and it comes down to a vote wither or not to do anything about it and the vote ends up in Darren's favour and the adult pack snap at Samara and tell her that Darren will know about the meeting and everything, disgusted with his parents that is Steve ends up moving into Samara's house. With Emma it was upsetting, her mother threw her out because she was a wolf. At the point I really felt sorry for Emma, I haven't seen that side of Emma before.  

I hope that Emma and Colby's relationship blossoms and becomes something amazing, I really do think they are perfect for each other, even though they are the total opposites. You know what they say opposites attract, and in this intent I think they saying is corrects. I absolutely love Colby.

 I love the twists in this story. I have a few favourite parts of this story but my top three have to be Colby and Samara's shopping trip, I love how close they have become. I also love this conversation between Kyle and Samara about his mate, I was shocked at the twist Jayme and Jody threw in there but LOVE IT! And finally the last chapter, the best Christmas present ever! 

This book made me cringe, smile, laugh and I was shocked throughout the book. Hat's off the Jayme and Jody.

My only problem with this book is that it ended! I could have kept reading and I can not wait for 'Marked' book 5 in the Howl series! 

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