Collide by Gail McHugh

Title- Collide

Author- Gail McHugh

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Genre- Romance

Star rating- 4.5 Stars

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Review- Waw! Collide is an amazing book and Gail McHugh's is one top notch author! I came across this book through Goodreads a week or two ago and loved the sound of it and I bought it there and then on Kindle. The story of Emily Copper is one interesting and nail biting story, with all the up's and down's she's had to suffer. Moving to New York is a scary thing, but moving there after the passing of your mother is worse and I felt so sorry to Emily for what she has had to go through and glad she had Olivia and her brother Trevor. Here life changed for somewhat the better when meeting Gavin Blake. I have to say my first instinct of Dillon wasn't a good one, I can't explain it, he just felt off to me for some reason and that panned out he is a control freak (and more but you got to read the book to find out what I mean ;)) when it comes to Emily and it's not healthy for either of them! I adore Emily, Olivia and Fallon. The three of them are amazing in their own ways. I love Fallon's weird and gothic side, Olivia's gobby side and how she's protective of Emily and I love Emily's sweet, caring side and I love when she stands up for herself... YOU GO GIRLIE! My favourite part of this book has to be the but where Emily's meant to meeting Dillon in the Park to go away and he stands her up and Gavin and his niece Theresa and nephew Timothy come over and Theresa informs Emily that Gavin was lying about them seeing her first and that Gavin did, I laughed at the whole thing and then the bit at the Yankee's game was brilliant... (I'm not going to say any more because I'll give away too much of the book!) I hate Dillon's attitude towards Emily, he treats her like a salve and I don't agree with that. The only problem I have with the book and It's tiny winy is that it ended like it did. COME ON MS MCHUGH YOU CAN'T LEAVE A CLIFF HANGER SO JUICY AND THEN NOTHING!!!!! No but all in fairness Gail McHugh is on my watch list and should defiantly be on your too, trust me on this one!! I for one am looking forward to Pulse book two of the Collide series and if I was you, pick up Collide and cross everything that the summer come quicker so we can have the next AMAZING dose from Emily, Gavin, Olivia, Trevor, Fallon, Dillon and all their friends and family! As soon as Pulse is out you can bet there will be a review up here not long after!!!

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