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If you want a bit of Romance, Adventure, Laughter and Heartbreak. Pick up a copy of DeAnna Kinney's Charity Moon.

There is a new kid transfers from East Windrake High to West Windrake High. The whole school is talking about him and his good looks. Charity Bell doesn't know why everyone is going crazy over the new guy until Mr Dawson's Calculus class. Her first impression of him always makes me laugh- 'Amazingly tall boy, possibly 6'2 or more, with wavy, brown hair all in disarray. His face was very handsome, his build muscular, but lean. One word immediately came to mind- Magnificent! Followed closely by another- Trouble!' 

Levi Drake was the transfer- Their eyes locked and everything changed. I have three favourite parts of this book- The conversation between Charity and Ashley in the cafeteria and Levi walks past and the rest of the conversation including her other friends Stacy, Delaney and Toby. Then there is the private conversations between Charity and Levi. But my favourite part of the book has to be Charity's friends bet her $60 she wouldn't kiss Levi and she does!

There is something different about him, but she can't quite putting his finger on it. But she insists on finding out and when she does she is in for a shock of a life time.

I like the way Charity's friends are described by DeAnna. I love her style of writing. I love the relationship that builds between Charity and Levi and Charity and Hector and Ashley and Josh. I also like how quickly Levi peels back Charity's defence layers. The relationship between Charity and Levi starts off on the wrong side and they go through so much.. but I love their journey. I can't wait too see what is in store for Charity, Levi, Ashley, Josh, Hector and the rest of the West pack. My favourite character in this whole story has to be Charity, I can see the depth of the character and she hides her pain with sarcasm.

Pick up your copy of Charity Moon. It is an amazing story and I for one can not wait to read Charity Rising. If I were you I wouldn't pass up reading the Charity Series, in my opinion you won't regret it.

I asked the author about her book and here are her answers-

  1. What was it about the book that made you want to write it?Me and my teenage son were talking one day about my writing and he said, "Hey, mom, since we love werewolves, you should write a romance about werewolves." I said "Yeah, I could do that." And so I did, lol.
  2. What is your favourite part of the book?My favourite part is when Charity is dared to kiss Levi in the cafeteria at school. That was actually a last minute addition to the book, and by far my favourite scene.
  3. Is there any aspect you would change about it?Since I am a firm believer that a story comes to me the way it should originally be, I'd have to say that I wouldn't really change anything. When I started changing things then I alter the whole story.
  4. Who is your favourite character?Charity is by far my favourite character, I just fell in love with writing her. She's so tough and yet, deep inside, she's wounded and in pain. I love her sarcasm the best. I went crazy with it in the sequel, lol. Hector would be a close second, and of course Levi, and Ashley and Toby and don't forget  Raven, haha.

If you want a book full of twists and surprises well pick up Charity Rises by DeAnna Kinney. In my opinion in this book there are stories within a story. 

After being kidnapped after kidnapped Charity Drake thought everything will be fine until she starts noticing that Levi is acting weird and again things go bad. With the introduction to new a new character that stirs up trouble for the Drakes. To find out the strangers identity there is only one way by picking up Charity Rises. 

In this book you meet new people, see some grow and some fall. This story shows the true meaning of love, loyalty and friendship and I for one fell in love with the characters of this book over and over again. You saw a new side too most of the characters- Doc, Raven and Hector. 

I love how the relationship between Charity and Hector has grown, not only as her protector since he saved her in the first book countless, the first time by letting her hit him over the head with a tree branch, but as a friend. There is a connection between them that can not be broken and it is a beautiful thing. 

The one part of this book that I didn't like one bit, when Charity had a dream that she and Levi broke up and he was in love with another woman. It broke my heart and I was shocked when I read it and then to find out it was a dream I sighed in relive because I think that Levi and Charity are perfect for each other.

There are so many twist and turns in this book, yet again you need to take your hat off to DeAnna Kinney for yet another amazing book! I for one hope there is a book three, so my fingers are crossed and await the news about a book three! If you pick up Charity Rises you won't be disappointed I promises!

Title- Loving Lily Lavender

Author- DeAnna Kinney

Amazon Link-



Genre- Romance and Adventure

Star Rating- 5 Stars

Buy- Definitely pick up a copy today.

Borrow- YES!

Review- Loving Lily Lavender is one of the sweetest books I have ever read. Talk about love at first sight! Lucas is a famous Hollywood actor and Lilianna is a wedding planner, two completely separate world and two people who wouldn't normally meet. Well that was the case if it wasn't for the fact that Lily's best friend Meagan didn't have a crush on Lucas' friend Randall. Woody's isn't a place Lily would normally go to but for her best friend she does, as soon as Lily meets Lucas' she is attracted to him and they talk and she points out he has self-confidence problems and helps him over come them. The story has some heart break in it and I was upset to learn that Lucas' was only in town for a couple of weeks and seeing how close he and Lily became only would lead to heart break. I love Lily and Lucas' their characters are amazing and I love how protective of her he is from the beginning and how kind and sweet they both are. There are three parts of this book that I really love, the first has to be when Lucas comes back for Lily and when they confess how they feel for each other, the second one has to be Lily writing about her and Lucas and the final one has to be the bank scene. But I could state a load more parts of this book I love because it is such a brilliant book, so full of life. There isn't anything boring about it. The one downside I had was how much pain they went through, they had heartache after heartache and they still came out stronger as individuals and as a couple. If you want to read such a romantic and amazing book pick up Loving Lily Lavender, I laughed, cried and smiled throughout the book, it's one for the ages!

Title- Exposing Kitty Langley.

Author- DeAnna Kinney.

Amazon link- 



Start rating- 5 Stars.

Genre- Young Adult & Romance.

Buy- Yes for what it costs it a steal.. For only £1.27 and $1.99.

Borrow- If you can't buy, you should borrow!

Review- On occasion I am one of those people who 'Judges a book by It's cover', when I'm browsing Amazon Kindle. Thankfully this books cover caught my eye, I love the cover how subtle it is with only the head shot of a young girl with short brown hair, a stunning purple mask and the greenest eyes I have ever seen. The characters in this story are amazing and I love how they change throughout the story. I do like the journey Kitty Langley goes on and how the only person who seems to want to help her is Reed and that was out of accident. My favourite character has to be Reed, how heroic he is and how he wants to protect Kitty, he is a knight in shining armour. I believe without his help Kitty would be dead, the abuse she get is uncalled for and sickening, but what is horrible is that, that is going on in schools around the world. That type and amount of bulling and you have to give DeAnna Kinney a round of applause for writing this and showing that with the right people around you, you can face anything. I like how she wrote the book, it does show problems in schools today, but I love how she shows an out in everything. I love how the book started and how Kitty becomes the most hated person in school, how she finally stood up for the right thing and she's being punished for that. What I don't like is that she accepts everything that happens to her and how she says she deserves more, I don't believe that. There has to be a limit. I have two favourite parts of this book, the first has to be when Reed takes Kitty to sort her hair out and when they meet Charity and Levi Drake. I didn't realise until the very end of the book that this book is connected with DeAnna Kinney's Charity Series. I kept asking myself where have I heard the names before and the school and town but couldn't for the life of me put two and two together. I felt like an idiot when I finally did, because I adore the Charity Series. If I was you I would read this book, I am a better person reading it and in some of it I can relate to the story. Please support DeAnna Kinney and this book.


Title- Raven's Rose.

Author- DeAnna Kinney

Amazon Link- TO COME!!!!

Genre- Romance, fiction, Young Adult.

Star rating- 5 Stars.

Buy- Gosh yes!!

Borrow- One word, YES!

Review- Raven's Rose is a beautiful story. It shows how you can over come anything! I love the relationship between Raven and Sophia Rose, between a vampire and a werewolf, the opposite in many ways and how love is stronger than anything! I have three major favorite parts of the book, the first being before Raven and Rose's wedding and she goes missing and they find her drunk with Grandmammy. The second is when Sophia Rose and Raven are captured by Griffin and Rose and Raven are tied to tree's and he's in direct line with the sunlight (Vamps and sunlight is a no no!!) she screaming that Raven's dying and for someone to save him and Eli pops up and says 'Did somebody call for help?!' Love it! Then when Charity's water brakes and she give Levi a row for spilling his drink on her lap and when they realize she's in labor he runs off without her! Brilliant! I love Charity and Levi their perfect for each other and so are Ashley and Josh and Raven and Rose. I really want Eli to find himself a nice girl and have his happily ever after! (Maybe he will in Eli's Destiny? Fingers crossed!) The one downside to this book is it seemed shorter than the other two and I was so upset when it finished :( I could read a lot more about the Drakes and Co. I love the work DeAnna Kinney has done and she hasn't disappointing with Raven's Rose. It's filled with Romance, Jealousy, Fighting,  Friendship and Family! A perfect book! Please Please Please pick up a copy up when it's out, keep a look out for it! Also if you haven't picked up copy of Charity Moon, Charity Rising, Exposing Kitty Langley and Loving Lily Lavender I highly suggest you do so.. One word AWESOME!!


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