Erika Trevathan.

Title- My Only Exception.

Author- Erika Trevathan.

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Genre- Young Adult, Romance.

Star rating- 5 Stars.

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Review- DeAnna Kinney suggested I read 'My Only Exception' and I am so glad I did because it is one of the most romantic books I have read. I love how you can relate to the characters in one way or another. What I like most about this story is that the main characters Presley and Braden are meant for each other but have their issues. I like the fact Presley didn't fall into Braden's bed straight away, that she tried fighting her attraction for him, because of his reputation as a womaniser! My favourite part of the book has to be when Presley's best friends Bree and Wyatt take her to the Chronic Need concert and Braden pulls her onto the stage and tells her how he feels and he tells everyone that's she's in person behind 'Desperate for you'. I also LOVE the way he describes her to everyone - 'Her name is Presley and she's quite possibly the most beautiful person I've ever met. And also the most self-destructive. But nobody's perfect, right? And I'm head over heels in love with her.' Amazing right?!?!?! This story plays on your emotions and it had me talking to the characters (Which I do often and it drives my sister crazy!) I wanted Presley to realise that Braden is crazy about her and for her to take a risk. What I like about this book tho are all the up's and down's that would occurs in an everyday relationship and I think Erika Trevathan portrays that perfectly. I adore Presley so much, there is something about her I just love! Then there is Braden... What can I say? The bad boy rock star with the tattoo's every mother's worst nightmare and every girls crush! I love how Erika Trevathan describes the intensity in his eyes when singing 'Desperate for you' and that he's a passionate person. I think this book should be on your reading list because it is simply AMAZING!! I can not wait to see what happens next in Presley and Braden's lives!

I mailed Erika Trevathan and asked her some questions and here are the questions and answers!
  1. What was it about the book that made you want to write it?I first came up with the idea for the book when I met an up-and-coming singer named Canaan Smith when he was touring with a popular band that my husband took me to see. He was super nice in a brooding sort of way and I found myself wondering about the story behind how he and his girlfriend (who he mentioned while on stage) met and fell in love. I left with an idea for a story and tucked it away for later because at the time I was working on the second book in The Crimson Bond series, Foreshadowed.
    Then one day about a month later I was trying to straighten the house and tend to my children, who were running around the house all crazy-like, when a scene between Presley and Braden came to mind and was so vivid that I had to write it down. After that I couldn't stop writing about them and before I knew it I had the story that is now My Only Exception. In my mind Braden's looks favoured both Adam Levine and Canaan Smith :)
  2. What is your favourite part of the book?My favourite part of the book is definitely when Bree takes Presley to the Chronic Need concert and Braden tells her he loves her and pulls her on stage. I think it proves what a great guy he is despite his reputation. Maybe he just hadn't met the right girl until Presley, right? :)
  3. Is there any aspect you would change about it?
    I don't think there's anything I'd change in Presley and Braden's story but I can't wait to expand on some things :)
  4. Who is you favourite character?My favourite character? I can't pick! I think it would be like trying to choose between my children, haha! I love them all for different reasons. I love Braden despite being misunderstood. I love Presley because she's not perfect. She doesn't always see things for what they are, she's insecure in ways, and doesn't always make the right decisions. I love Wyatt because he is so self sacrificing. I mean, going to the same college as Presley so that he could watch out for her? He's awesome. And Bree is such a fun loving yet supportive friend. I think we all need a Bree in our lives!
  5. Is there going to be a sequel to the story?
    I think I gave away the answer to this already but, yes, their story will continue in another book coming sometime this summer. I will keep you updated!

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