Playing For Keeps by Kate Perry.

Title- Playing for keeps.

Author- Kate Perry.

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Genre- Romance.

Star rating- 5 Stars.

Buy- I would defiantly get this book, I got it free with kindle but would have paid good money for the book.

Borrow- Goes without saying, amazing writing so a must read in my opinion.

Summary- Scared of what the future hold, to go after your dream? Well welcome to Grace Connors life.

Main review text- I find in this story there is bucket full romance. Kate Perry has lead us on an amazing story with 'Playing For Keeps'. I love how she captures little details of each of the characters and how they all evolve into better people throughout the story, take the main character Grace Connors, she was the backbone of her family after the passing of their mother and her whole family relied on her and took her for granted throughout the book. Especially when her little sister Penelope 'Nell'' Connors get engaged and wants to plan her wedding herself but it's all left up to Grace. Then she starts doing things for herself and with help of her two best friends and Celeste and Pete (Also her boyfriend??!!). I like how Ms. Perry has had her go through a natural relationship where not everything is perfect and that is one of the main things I adore about this book, that each character develops and becomes something beautiful. The worse thing in a book is where everything is perfect all the time and this is not one of those books. My favourite characters of the whole book has to be Grace and Pete they are such funny and brilliant characters. Hats are off and flying in the air for Ms Perry in my opinion and lets just hope you all feel the same way, so if I was you I would be logging on to Amazon Kindle, IPad, Sony Reader or KOBO. Trust me in my opinion if you do pick up a copy you won't be disappointed!

Further reading suggestions- I'm going to check out myself another of Kate Perry's books Perfect for you- Book one in the Laureal Heights series.

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