Midnight Fire by Kaitlyn Davis

Title- Ignite.

Author- Kaitlyn Davis.

Amazon link-
UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ignite-Midnight-Fire-Series-ebook/dp/B005U8GQT6/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1354639812&sr=1-1


Genre- Fiction, Adventure and Romance.

Star rating- 5 Starts.

Buy- Free on Amazon, even if it wasn't I would buy this book.

Borrow- 100% YES!

Summary- I love the way Luke and Kira and Tristan and Kira are together, their relationships are amazing and funny. I love the adventure that brings from these relationships.

Main review- What I like most about this book is the making and breaking of different relationships. My favourite person in the book has to be Luke, I love how he makes me laugh with how chilled out and sarcastic he is even in serious situations. I have two parts of this book I love the most, the scene where Kira and her friends Luke, Miles, Emma and Dave go Halloween costume shopping and to the beach. I love all the different twist this book has to offer, I would 100% recommend this book to anyone, I love Kaitlyn Davis' work. AMAZING!!! Hats are off for Ms Davis.

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Here are some question I have asked Kaitlyn Davis and her answers:
  1. What was it about the book that made you want to write it?
    I was actually walking on the beach one day, soaking in some rays, when I started to think about how cool it would be to create a paranormal being that was somehow connected to the sun. So, I first toyed with the idea of this new species and then specific characters began popping into my head. Once I got that initial idea, there was no going back! The plot literally consumed my mind--it was all I thought about in the shower, before bed, on my way to work! So finally, I sat down and started writing.
  2. What is your favourite part of the book?
    Hm... the whole thing?! I love Luke and Kira's friendship--both the humour and the stability. I love the more romantic scenes between Kira and Tristan. But, I guess, my favourite scene in Ignite is the auditorium scene--it's exciting, fast-paced and definitely surprising. Kira discovers what she is and that revelation drives the entire Midnight Fire Series!
  3. Is there any aspect you would change about it?
    The book has been criticized for starting too slowly or too like Twilight, and I completely understand those comments, but I honestly wouldn't change anything. I love the way my characters' lives progress, and I think that the more you read the more original the story becomes. Any mistake I made was a fantastic learning tool--writing this series has definitely made me grow as an author!
  4. Who is your favourite character?
    So tough! I definitely fell in love with my two leading men, but I have to say my main character Kira has got to be my favourite  I really wanted to create a strong, relatable female lead and I think I did that in Kira. She is thrown so many curveballs and her life is turned completely upside down, but she manages to keep it together and persevere. I love a girl who can kick some ass and doesn't let the boys fight her battles!
  5. I was wondering what advice you would give to someone who is thinking of writing their own story? How did you start?As far as advice, I think everyone has a different process. For me it was all about letting the story consume me. The plot the characters were all I thought about until, eventually, I had to start outlining to get the idea down on paper. From then on, you just need to write and force yourself to keep at it. Sometimes it helps to form a writing group with your friends so you feel a little more motivated and have other writers to talk to about the struggle.
    As far as self-publishing, I approached a few agents bit sort of knew that vampires were on their way out of the mainstream publishing world, so I didn't have high expectations to be published through a house. After frustrating form letters back from agents, I started looking into self-publishing--and I'm extremely happy I did. Just because a publisher doesn't want your story, doesn't mean there won't be plenty of readers who do.
    It's all about believing in yourself really, as cheesy as that may sound :)
I for one is extremely happy that Kaitlyn Davis published the Midnight Fire series!


  1. Thank you for this amazing review!! And the interview was super fun! It was great to meet you :)